Doris From Rego Park


Rosler’s Recording Booth presents...Track 12. “Doris From Rego Park”

From WNYC to WFAN to the New York Times, “Doris From Rego Park”

returns to the airwaves & blog-waves! ....Weeks before

“Rosler’s Recording Booth” was officially released, one song from the CD,

“Doris From Rego Park” written and performed by Don Rosler,

has been embraced on NYC radio.  Jonathan Schwartz on WNYC

threw out the Song Premiere pitch on 2/12/11. Then Steve Somers

caught the ball and paid  tribute to Doris and the song on

Valentine’s Day (then tossed back to Jonathan Schwartz

again, who described “Doris From Rego Park” as “a very poignant

song” that “speaks to urban loneliness”).  Ken Plutnicki of The New York

Times wrote in his article, Doris From Rego Park Lives On In Song that

“The song is a valentine to baseball, and Bauer, for sure, but also about connection: the way all those lonely voices reach out on local sports radio in the wee hours when they should be fast asleep.”

Not a bad way to start the “Rosler’s Recording Booth” season. And, sharing this song (actually written many months before Doris died) is the best way we know to pay tribute to Doris Bauer.  As Steve Somers put it: “ The Metropolitans in those days had no greater fan over the years than Doris from Rego Park.... A fan she was every single night on the FAN, and attracting fans, herself, like Don Rosler....A fan. A listener. A caller....who remembers springtime and baseball and Doris From Rego Park.”