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Christine's Refrigerator

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John Margolis
Margolis, Rosler



 Christine’s Refrigerator---Margolis, Rosler 


 I want my picture to stay


Up on Christine’s Refrigerator


Though I’m no longer with her


I want to stay there taped between


Her sister with her birthday cake


Her little brother standing on his head




All my boxes have been moved


There’s a TV I’ll take later


We were happy, so I thought


“We’re too alike” she said




Don’t have much family


Left in my life


Well I doubt they even have my picture up


Got a few friends here and there


Mostly all from work


Yes I know that’s life in the big city




I’ve had many a dinner beside


Christine’s Refrigerator


All those faces smiling at me


And I was thrilled to be above


Her parents by the Christmas tree


Her girlfriend with the tin foil in her hair




But on nights over there towards the end


When I’d somehow aggravate her


I could swear I’d see those smiles turn


To disapproving stares




Down the road some guy will ask


“Hey who’s that clown?”


That may be the time I must come down


But is there any harm in keeping me taped up till then


It may be a strange request

But it may ease my loneliness


Oh to know I still belong

Up on Christine’s Refrigerator

Is that too much to ask for

Just a little while longer




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