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First I Draw the Sun (feat. Tamara Hey)

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Don Rosler
Don Rosler


FIRST I DRAW THE SUN---Rosler, Hey  

First I Draw the Sun
Yellow, gold and round
In an open corner of
A winter morning
 And people one by one
 In purple hats and gloves
 People who I love
 I remember as if yesterday the snow came down
 And covered all the cars and trees
 Branches hung heavy
 And the ground -- an empty page
 White for days and days and days
 In between the sky and me
 A silver cloud balloon
 With a string to hold onto
 I know it must be you
  I remember as if yesterday a little house
  Around the bend, the roof was red
  Icicles suspended.  
          No one home this frozen day
          So, I wait and wait and wait
 First I Draw the Sun
 Get my colors all in a row
 And if nothing comes
 I'll start over


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