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Messages (from "Bobby McFerrin: VOCAbularieS" with Roger Treece

Bobby McFerrin with Roger Treece




Messages—Roger Treece, Bobby McFerrin lyrics by Don Rosler


Non est mollis via, no no no

Emitte animo lucem veritatem

Non est millis via, no no no

ET sicut vita fine ita

Cura cura kama cura cura kama


(“there is no easy way from the earth to the stars” (Seneca)

There’s no easy way, no

Send out truthful light

There’s no easy way, no

As goes the life, so goes the death)


Padres, madres, old compadres

Speaking on and on



bella Elena, bellis perennis, primila too

Yes, I rememb, vinca in bloom

And lilac alba opened for you,

Rosa anina! Bella, it’s true!


Unsolved problems, small suggestions

Though all the ones they loved are long gone

They keep passing their messages along


(cura cura kama...)


Daughter’s lessons, grandson’s questions

Wishes, prayer and vows




Mana, he’s praying to Buddha, Jesus,

Allah and you

He tells me now his favorite is Zeua!

He could have learned his Bible from you

For me it’s all a spiritual groove



Meditations, celebration

Music floating out to starlight

In from starlight, voices fill the air


Songs so lonely, song so lovely

Song of pure despair


Spirit of love, come to us

Songs of our Fathers, can you hear them?


Tura lura, Thula, Nina, Nan, Tixo, lullaby you away

Mama, oye, come away, hear the waves of love

Laila, nocte, dorme nene,

Papa oye, huhs-a-bye-away

Bey An, oya, fa Nina Nanna

Mama, Tixo, para coracao

Nini cante, lomoriuta

Fais Dodo, Ho Nena Ho

Jo Jo Raama, fa Nina Nanna

Papa, oye, hush-a-bye-away

Bey An, oya, fa Nina Niann


Sometimes we live so deeply unaware

We never hear the voices in the air

As goes the life, so goes the death

With every breath joining in a deeper song


Cura voces, voix de desespoir

Gib acht! Pass auf! Stia attento!

Cui! Muchi! May yo fa lu

Schonheit zerstort, nomine Deo to the starts, songs from all those we

Shared our light with, days and nights with

Gardens blooming, old friends moving on

All those we loved, every day you can listen

And you’ll hear...


Padres, maderes, old compadres

Husbands, wives and all taken from us

Can they hear us calling through through the air



Songs so lonely, songs so lovely

Songs of pure despair


Spirit of Love, come to us

Songs of our Fathers we hear
Voices through darkness adn light

Sometimes in sleep or throughout sleepless nights

‘till that first hush comes, before the dawn comes

You sense of peace comes for a moment

In the quiet hear the stillness

Fading shifting lifting stirring breathing ringing

Singing into...sound


Spirit and song, listen,

Cantus feret sensa nobis per saecula

Ita que sictu vita ita fine


Cura voces cura voces,

Ita fine, cura voces,

Cura voces, conto alot

Sictu vita, ita fine




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