Don Rosler: Lyricist/Songwriter/Producer

To Whom It May Concern (RIFF version)

RIFF from "To Whom It May Concern" (EMI/SBK) Produced by Fred Hammond.
Don Rosler, Peter Valentine


This was the cover of "To Whom It May Concern" which was the title track for RIFF's 2nd album, on EMI/SMK records. Produced

by gospel great Fred Hammond. 


To Whom It May Concern---Rosler, Valentine

(from Ricky Walter "Touch Their Hearts" and then covered by RIFF ("To Whom It May Concern" on EMI/SBK)


To whom it may concern

To someone in the future

today is filled with sorrow

I wonder if you’ve heard


            that He preached love and kindness

            but many feared his word


is your time just as cruel as ours

To Whom It May Concern



To Whom It May Concern

to hearts that still are caring

I pray that somehow from all this

will be a lesson learned


            that where there’s greed and hatred

            sin will always burn


and I will try to spread His word

To Whom It May Concern


           He preached love

            and you as well should spread his word

            To Whom It May Concern



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