Don Rosler: Lyricist/Songwriter/Producer

Birds of Katonah Demo

by Don Rosler

In-progress stuff
Don Rosler with (mostly) the Birds of Katonah


Lyrics (Background notes are below lyrics: 

Birds of Katonah---demo --- written/all instruments performed by Rosler 

To the birds of Katonah 
I humbly do owe ya apologies

I swore I’d know all your names and your songs by the dawn

But I failed miserably


 You all represent your species remarkably well

 And I surely wish that I could same the same for myself

 Need your songs, not my moans and my groans

 Birds of Katonah, Birds of Katonah

With the birds of Katonah
I rise from my fog with the chickadees 
And the robins don’t care if I have no diploma
In ornithology

Don’t need a hair of the dog, just a pinch of the finch
And a mockingbird chaser
Will work in a cinch


Won't be no perpetual loner

With the birds of Katonah, birds of Katonah


With the birds of Katonah

I'm never persona non grata here

And they're teaching me songs

And perhaps before long, I'll compose one for their ears


Perhaps the trills of my cardinal may possibly pass

But the call of the thrasher is kicking my ass

But need those songs, not my moans and groans

Birds of Katonah, Birds of Katonah


NOTES BIRDS OF KATONAH (add real guitar, percussion?) I like Pamela's piano in her house, but only used it on the "solo" mostly

About two months back, an ol' pal of Bernadette offered us a little "house sitting" week in Katonah, NY. Her first name is Pamela. We took her up on it, knowing it was more of a working vacation from NYC, but still, it was a gorgeous August week and I even commuted it a few nights when I had to be back in NYC. 

I was up there also to work on another song, but got stuck, and this kinda happy little ditty came out, with a big assist from the beautiful birds of the town, and  visiting Pamela's bird feeder.

So, no doubt due to the backyard porch and bird feeder, the lake, the upright piano that her son plays (which I used to write the song and managed to keep some of the piano in the track mid-way), and also a visit from an old friend, this song came out, on Pamela's back porch (mostly).

Now, this friend, Jason, is way deep into birding, having made award-winning films about it and, well more about that later. I did use birds from Katonah in this track, and when I bump it up, I'll go back up and get more. However, I DID cheat and download a few birds on the net as I went along, still thinking  they were East Coast cats, I mean birds, and I paid the price re: getting attached to the sound of one or two birds in the track, especially one bird,  I won't name it now--try and guess) that had just an incredible sound---one that fit too nicely in the percussion "kit".

When I return to the song, the birds will be 100 PERCENT Katonah birds, even with a somewhat plausible rare sighting (and yes, who can resist a little Baltimore Oriole). But for now..... any of you out there guess which bird I'm talking about?


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