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Rosler March 2017, New Project: Onwards & Updates--Songwriter/Producer Log:

Here's some notes & updates on Rosler project 4 (keeping the name under my hat). We're keeping things still in stealth mode until I line up a few more ducks re concept. Thank you all for your encouragement & ideas.

Lots of songs on various burners, with the first two in production, one much further along. This is a very small circle and you all know why you're here! (Besides insanity). Below the little log, have some videos of recent recording sessions posted (or about to be) and a rough mix of what we have so far on "Everything You Care About". Working with Riley MacMahon, top-shelf guitarist and producer, at his New Warsaw Studio.

Anatomy of a Song:  "Everything You Care About". Tracking was done back in late October/early November, 2016. Got back in the saddle in January, brushed up my arranging skills.  RM wants me to consider singing it,  and I did the vocal for now, but I'm probably going to go with Nancy Magarill for the lead in early April.

October 2016, RM at New Warsaw Studio helps sequence the rough. Then lays down some live guitar. Then settles down to engineer.

End of Song/Chart Spoiler Alert! Ha. No, it's not a's the last few bars of the chart I initially came up with. And beside it the lyric.

              Settled on this lyric, eventually. I think. 

Next flashback: Oct 18 2016: Piano: Peter Fox

We started with pianist & composer Peter Fox, the poor guy who had to read my first chart. It's possible my comment below Peter's picture on FB reveals a wee bit of trepedation in the mix about getting another ball rolling.

Nice to be back on the album. Hope everyone had a fine holiday.

Jumping ahead:

2.15.17 Bass part: Martin Fowler

 And, the following (as in back-to-back!) week! Mr. Martin Fowler.


Coming up this week after we composite all the wonderful tracks Peter & Martin offered up?

February/March 2017: The Cello and violin parts. 


For a short video of Peter Young violin recording session:                                                               Kristine Kruta, cello                                                                                    Violin_Session_everything.mp4

And, as of March 20th, the most recent rough, including violin, bass, guitar, piano, cello, vocal,  Missing background vocals, string mix:           

                                                                              In progress:

"Everything You Care About"

3.27.2017: Come back soon for updates as we ride the song to the finish line


Next up: "Mr Harrington Bowe" song. Performed again on 6.16.2017 at the Julie Gold Magic Knight Piano Concert

What does an old, restored upright Knight piano, Julie Gold, "From a Distance", Scott Joplin, Alfred Knight, a Blind Piano Tuner's School in England and... Harrington Bowe have in common.

It started with Grammy-award winner Julie Gold's Knight Piano project. A number of songwriters invited to spend one hour at the same transportedupright Knight piano that she wrote "From a Distance" on when she was 28. (She wrote it the night it was delivered from her childhood home in Philly to her apartment in NYC, where she was working as a secretary at HBO). The rules: No pre-conceived ideas, subject matter could be anything, write it in that hour. (BTW, Paul McCartney played a Knight piano as a kid, and took it with him to Abby Road studios).

Well, I did my best, and admit being influenced by doing a little research on the piano on my laptop there regarding the piano and Alfred Knight and right there at Julie's what popped out was that Alfred formed a school for blind piano players in England in the 30s.(More about the song below the pictures)

 Process in a few pics: At Julie's Knight piano (yes, she has a beautiful grand as well); the notes I took that lead to the lyric draft I left with; studying "Solace" and adapting lyrics to it (public domain and most of compositions Joplin wrote, if they had lyrics, they were pretty bad) and then doing my best to perform it at the Duplex (with 12 others who went thru the same process).


(Cont. from above):  So, I wasn't planning on incorporating anything about the piano or piano tuners in the song, but an image of a blind piano player going about the town, making his rounds: quiet, shy and secretly enamoured with a widow who.... strangely enough stopped playing the piano when her husband died. Got to start somewhere.


Extra, Extra Stuff

Thanks to: Mary Gerloff, Mt. Sinai KidZone (now, Cherry Lane Theater) for getting me going on working with kids of all ages (when she invited me to write songs with kids at the Mt. Sinai Kidzone studio).  One example:  Kim Sykes comes through, hiring me to work for 2 months with Pleased to work with Kim who brought me to Ray and Jai. All aboard. And glad there was a bit of a budget but would have done it with or w/o. Thank you Terry R and





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